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Children in foster care – victims of child abuse and neglect – are coping with trauma. For a child with no family of their own, this is a frightening time. Many foster families are overwhelmed with financial and personal responsibilities.

Kind to Kids provides educational support, emotional stability and comfort during these difficult times. We help foster children with skills, tutoring, technology and resources so they may succeed in life.

My Blue Duffel

My Blue Duffel emergency care kits help children who are entering foster care and coping with trauma.  You can bring love and hope to a child who has endured abuse or neglect and is entering foster care. Donate $35 and we will give a child a duffel in your name.  Instead of the usual practice of bringing a trash bag, a social worker can give a beautiful “My Blue Duffel” to comfort a child who has endured trauma. The duffel has a teddy bear, blanket, helpful book, fluffy socks, coloring book and crayons, toiletries and more.…

Caroline Jones, President and Founder, is interviewed about Kind to Kids Foundation, the children in foster care they serve, and their programs and services.

Kind to Kids helps our most vulnerable children

To date, we have served over 15,000 children in foster care and poverty

Each day, children who are victims of child abuse and neglect enter the foster care system. Kind to Kids delivers educational programs, support services and supplies to help the children through these difficult times in their young lives.

Our signature UGrad education program is an innovative 5 Star Program of Excellence that achieves dramatic outcome results. Legislators, school administrators, teachers, foster parents, social workers and youth love the program!

“Thank you for bringing light into my darkness,” writes one young teen.

With your help, we can provide more vulnerable teens with the support they need. You can help a teen to overcome trauma, graduate from high school and succeed in life beyond.

Caroline Jones, President and Founder
is interviewed by ABC and CBS News about Kind to Kids Foundation’s services for children in need. Watch this short video to see how we help the children!

Hope and Comfort for Children Entering Foster Care

We help the children in foster care system, children in poverty and at-risk teens. Learn more about our programs…

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Help-A-Kid Gifts for Foster Children

These children have had much pain in their young lives – we bring happiness and hope.

Kind to Kids provides support services, emergency care duffels and and education programs to hundreds of children in foster care.  Each year, children who have experienced child abuse and neglect receive something special on their birthday and for the holidays – over $20,000 in toys, books and gifts!

Thank You for the major funding and support
that makes our work possible