Vulnerable children need kindness

Since 2011, Kind to Kids Foundation has offered love, hope, guidance and a sense of stability to 12,000 vulnerable children in Delaware — those who are abused, neglected, impoverished and living in foster care.

As the primary Delaware nonprofit that works directly with foster children, our programs have proven successful in helping vulnerable children acquire the skills they need to grow into happy, productive adults.

Our approach involves:


Blue Duffels:

As children transition from abuse and neglect in their homes to foster care, they need items to call their own. Kind to Kids supporters assemble blue duffel bags each year packed with items that offer comfort, including inspirational books, soft blankets and a lovable teddy bear.


LifeSkills Education:

Our signature program, LifeSkills arms children with the power of knowledge. They learn how to set goals and make good decisions so they begin to have control over their own destinies. With each new life skill, the children’s confidence grows, as do their hope and excitement for their lives


Joyful Experiences:

Children attend their very first Blue Rocks baseball game, see a Children’s Theatre performance, visit Longwood Gardens and so much more. We expand horizons by showing them the beauty of the world around them.


Special Gifts:

Foster families often face financial hardships and lack money for extras like toys for birthdays or holidays. But to a child, a special gift on their birthday or the holidays makes a world of difference.

It truly takes a village

You have a role to play

Give to the Kind to Kids Foundation and invest in children, their futures and your community. As a society, we can’t afford to ignore the needs of vulnerable children because we pay for it later.

You can help in one of three ways:


Give to the organization.

You can designate your funds toward programs or for personal gifts.


Donate your time.

Prepare duffel bags given to children
when they’re removed from an abusive home.


Plan a special event

Raise funds or to collect toys
and other items for children in need.