UGrad Education Program

LifeSkills Education Program

Help-A-Kid Services

Education Programs

Our Education Programs teach children in foster care and poverty the vital skills needed succeed in life.

Why teach at-risk children life skills?
74% of children in foster care do not graduate from high school, and 92% of youth are jobless when “aging out” of the system at age 18.

Incarceration rates are 63% higher for children who drop out of high school, and poverty rates triple.

Our innovative UGrad Program helps youth in foster care to graduate from high school and succeed in college. Delaware’s high school graduation rate for foster children is way below the national average. This program changes these statistics by giving teens the support they need to obtain a high school degree and succeed in a career after graduation.

After School Education Programs teach underserved children the socio-emotional and academic skills needed for a bright future

Our Approach

      • Small group intense instruction
      • Two college educated teachers for ten students
      • Evidenced based instruction
      • Interactive and engaging classes
      • Program cycles of 10 classes

Critical Topics

    • Job skills
    • Education
    • Career
    • Money management
    • Healthy relationships
    • Nutrition
    • Self care
    • Conflict management
    • Substance abuse prevention
    • Suicide prevention
    • Violence prevention

      and much more!

Our Results

Outcomes Analysis Reports for children in foster care and youth rehabilitation classes revealed:

Figures based on 100% Scale
Learned how to identify goals for a productive life
Learned how to make good decisions
Developed communication skills
Were grateful to learn they are a person of value
Show marked improvement in anger and stress management - and drastic improvements in all target areas!
Developed self-control to effectively manage their lives
Can manage money through budgeting
Learned how to choose good friends

Help-A-Kid Services

My Blue Duffel emergency care kits are distributed to children who are victims of child abuse, neglect and trauma.  We deliver over 1200 My Blue Duffels annual to foster care offices, hot line center, police, FBI, and hospital emergency rooms.  Join us at

My Blue Duffel Community Service Day
Sunday, November 3rd, 2-4pm
at University of Delaware’s Bob Carpenter Center
Sells out every year!

We provide life experiences to children in need and helpful support services for children in foster care.

Why provide Help-A-Kid Services?

Children in foster care and poverty often do not have many life experiences. Each year, we provide over $15,000 in life opportunity event experiences that brighten children’s lives and broaden their horizons. Children in foster care are victims of abuse and neglect. They are removed from their own homes for their own safety. Scared and lonely, the children need help during this painful time in their young lives.

Kind to Kids has sent over 14,000 children in need to life event opportunities worth over $350,000 in ticket costs.

Life Experiences

  • A child in poverty dreams about what it would be like to attend a sports game, a play, or a music performance…

  • Kind to Kids expands children’s horizons by showing them the beauty of the world around them.

  • Children are filled with joy to attend their very first professional baseball game, musical performance, day at Sesame Place, Longwood Gardens, Philadelphia 76ers game, or a delightful children’s theater performance.

  • Since we began in 2008, we have partnered with area venues to provide opportunities for over 10,000 children to attend events valued at over $150,000 in ticket costs.  Kind to Kids gives deserving children the opportunity to expand their world and discover new possibilities.

Foster Care Kindness

  • My Blue Duffel

    Instead of giving a child abuse victim a trash bag to put their things in when they are removed from their home for their own safety, they are given a comforting blue duffel bag, with a blanket, book, stuffed animal, socks, crayons and more to help with the painful transition.

  • Birthday Wish Program

    Every foster child deserves a gift on their birthday. We partner with Delaware’s Family Court CASA Program to give toys and books to foster children on their birthday.

  • Holidays for Homeless Children

    Many foster families have financial difficulties, with no extra money for gifts. We work with committed community partners to collect and distribute toys and books for all Delaware children in foster care each holiday season.

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